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Zita Boston 20 Black
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Product Information for Les Catino - 100% Synthetic PVC Leather - Style: Boston bag - Carry: Two parallel handles - Product Conditions: Product Conditions: Limited Products, Terms of Product Terms are 95% - Exterior Details Front: Les Catino Metal Logo - Front Exterior Details: One Pocket with Zippers - Rear Exterior Details: One Pocket Without Zippers - Interior Details: One Main Compartment with Zipper - Interior Details: Compartment of Gadget Arms & Pocket with Zipper - Innerner Detail: Layer in fabric -Measurement: 27 X 11.5 X 20 (CM) Les Catino instructions: 1. Les Catino is made by a special ingredient known as synthetic leather. But our ingredients are not like other synthetic synthetic leather bags made. Les Catino is known as scratch-resistant and durable. This material is called PVC (Polyvinyl Cloride), the price is more expensive than other bags that use UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) 2. Sweep your bag with a clean damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. 3. Apply a little water to your wallet, then rub with a clean cloth; Recondition every six months a year. 4. Fill your bag with bubble wrap or clean the paper to maintain its shape. Do not use newspapers because ink can rub the cloth. 5. Store your bag in a dark and cool place, away from light, and keep the bag away from drying out 6. Put your bag in the dust cover, do not wrap it in a plastic bag because the bag cannot breathe (can cause: spores, mold & mold) 7. Don't hang your bag, it can leave a mark and s

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